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Cill Chainnigh

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New Beginners/Under 6 Boys and Girls Coaching Guides

Notes for Coaches:
- Create a positive environment.
- Make sure kids enjoy it.
- It's fun and everyone gets to play.
- Remember: They wear the club jersey!

Important to let all players know:
Helmet are compulsory for hurling and mouth guards for football.
Players should be encouraged to wear shin guards.
For Health and Safety they are encouraged to bring their own water bottle.

Core Skills for New Beginners/Under 6

- Stretching
- Carry Hurley
- Carry Ball
- Grip/Ready/Lock/Swing Positions

- Dribbling
- Crouch position and hurley grip for roll lift
(note: do not perform the actual roll lift)
- The C Swing (Both sides)
- Stop a ground ball
- Ground Strike Stationary both sides
- Ground Strike on run
- Catching (two handed, then one handed)
- Roll/Jab Lifts
- Solo (2 variations - slliotar balanced/stuck to hurl or sliotar bouncing)
- Ball Hops (one side of the bas)
- Tippy Taps (both sides of the bas)

Useful Resources
- - links to games development, drills, skills and fun games

Lesson Plans for Under 6 Coaching Sessions

Lesson Plans
Supporting Documents/Guides

Lesson Plan 1
Lesson Plan 2
Lesson Plan 3
Lesson Plan 4
Lesson Plan 5
Lesson Plan 6
Lesson Plan 7
Lesson Plan 8
Lesson Plan 9
Lesson Plan 10
Lesson Plan 11
Lesson Plan 12
Lesson Plan 13
Lesson Plan 14
Lesson Plan 15
Basic Stretching Exercises for Children

Kilkenny GAA Child/Youth Player Pathway Booklet