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Terms and Conditions of Hire and Use

Terms and Conditions of Use and Hire of Astroturfat Mooncoin GAA.

1.All hirers and users of Mooncoin GAA astroturf are subject to the Terms and Conditions of Hire and Use as shall be laid down from time to time.

2.Persons or groups wishing to book the Astro facilities must complete the online Booking/Application form. Applicants will then be informed via email if their application has been accepted. No activity can commence until official confirmation of the booking is received by the applicant person or group (must be over 18) from Mooncoin GAA astroturf official.

3.Pitch rental is for duration of one hour unless previously arranged.

4.Standard pricing structure is minimum €50.00 per hour (based on 10 players) rising to €5.00 per person (more than 10 players) for private/external bookings.

5.Last booking is at 8.30pm and all users must vacate the astroturf pitch strictly by 9.30pm.

6. Hirers of the astroturf facility may make use of the club changing rooms. However, use of all other club facilities including gym facilities and sauna is not permitted or included within a booking.

7. The hirers with any known medical conditions should consult with their medical practitioner before participating in any form of exercise.

8.All Mooncoin GAA team bookings take precedence over all other bookings.

9.Mooncoin GAA team bookings must be made by the nominated manager of each team.

10. The hirers undertake that they will inspect the facilities prior to the period for which the facilities are reserved for their use, and in the absence of such inspection the hirers shall be deemed to acknowledge that the facilities are safe and in good working order.

11. The hirers and users of all facilities will be responsible for all personal injuries, loss, or damage to the property or other damage of whatsoever nature caused to the hirers or members of the club/organisation/group, their licensees or invitees or members of the public or their property while on the premises and grounds. Hirers are encouraged to arrange their own "Personal Accident Insurance” through their own insurers.

12. Pre-booked astroturf bookings may not be transferred by the Hirer to any other person or group without prior approval from Mooncoin GAA.

13. The contact person named in the online application/booking form will be the person with whom all official communication from Mooncoin GAA will take place. If there are any changes in the details of the group organiser/contact person Mooncoin GAA must be informed immediately.

14.The contact people named in the online Application/Booking form must be present at each booked session and will be the person responsible for the group on that occasion, including full payment of the facility before playing, behaviour of those attending the booking, and adherence to the Terms and Conditions of Hire and Use of the astroturf facility.

15.A minimum of 48 hours notice of a cancellation must be given to Mooncoin GAA. Failure to do this, or failure to show on the given hire time for the booking, will result in the group being charged for the hire of the astroturf facility.

16.All children must be supervised by a person aged 18 or over.

17.On each booked session the hirer must register with Mooncoin GAA caretaker before playing. The hirer must also pay Mooncoin GAA caretaker in full for the pitch before play commences unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance.

18.Glass containers, alcohol, drugs, chewing gum and smoking are strictly prohibited in the changing rooms and in or around all Mooncoin GAA pitches. Only plastic drinks containers are permitted.

19.Football boots, studded shoes, large moulded studs, moulded blades, heeled shoes or outdoor shoes are all forbidden on the playing surface.Moulded soled football trainers or multi-studded astroturf trainers (max length 6mm) are permitted.

20.Hurleys must either have no bands or have bands taped and fully covered. No damaged hurleys will be allowed.

21.All jewellery should be removed before playing in the interests of player safety.

22.No cycling or bicycles are allowed on the astroturf pitch.

23.No pets or animals are allowed on the playing surface.

24.Money/valuables should be left in a safe area and not in an open area at any time.

25.Mooncoin GAA take no responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged or for any illness or injury resulting from use of the astroturf facility.

26.Any damage done to facilities, property, or equipment, fair wear and tear excepted, must be made good by the individual, group, club or organisation responsible for the damage.

27.Climbing on the nets, swinging from crossbars and any other behaviour likely to lead to damage to the facility or injury is forbidden and will lead to immediate expulsion from the facility.

28.Persons using the facility must be attired according to their intended activity.

29.Supervising personnel must be obeyed at all times during the period of hire. They are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Hire and Use and have the authority to remove users from the facility. Non-acceptance of supervisory personnel’s decisions or any aggression or violence towards supervisory personnel will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of those involved from the premises and the cancellation of all future bookings.

30.Only players and trainers/coaches are permitted inside the pitch during a booking time. For safety reasons children under the age of 18 are not allowed inside during a booked session unless they are officially part of the booking and of the activity for which the booking was made.

31.No use will be permitted outside the operational hours of the pitch. Anyone breaching this rule will be removed. Mooncoin GAA may involve the Gardai in enforcing this and other rules.

32.Mooncoin GAA decisions on admission, allocation, use, operation, or closure of the facilities is final.

33.In the event of snow and/or frost or extreme weather conditions which Mooncoin GAA deem it unsafe to play in, all bookings may be cancelled.

34. Mooncoin GAA reserve the right to:

i)Close the facility for maintenance, repair, holidays or for any other reason.

ii)Torefuse persons entry into Mooncoin GAA Astroturf facility to whom are breaking, appear to be breaking or are associated with anyone breaking any of the above terms and conditions of hire and use.

iii)Introduce, amend or delete these terms and conditions of hire and use at any time.

iv)Alter fees or pricing structures as it considers appropriate for use of the astroturf facility at their sole discretion.

The Mooncoin GAA Astroturfpitch displays the necessary signage, advising customers of this policy. Other terms and conditions may apply to individual bookings.